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Attention Grade 8's!

Online registration for the IBMC conference is due on May 30!

All about IBMC

What is IBMC?

  • IBMC is a conference hosted at Turner Fenton every year in order to help welcome new MYP students
  • All day long, activity-filled, with teacher-led lessons
  • Made to help new students to interact with others and form friendships
  • Helpful in giving insight into the program at Turner Fenton and the types of challenges that lie ahead of them
  • A sort of foundation for the type of attitude that is required in an MYP/IB student
  • IBMC emphasizes the importance of extra-curricular activities alongside with academics
  • An unforgettable experience that’ll make the students foster their own relationships with future grade 9's at IBMC
  • Run by IBMC volunteers and executive students; the idea originated from 3 grade 12 IB students at Turner Fenton
  • Organized by 30 IBMC student executive with over 10 months of planning
  • History of IBMC

      The IB programme has been available at Turner Fenton Secondary School since 1998. IBMC was originally created to bridge the gap for newly joined MYP students (ones who weren’t feeding from W.G. Davis). Now the IBMC conference also aids in enforcing the Areas of Interaction, Learner Profile, and the importance of the Personal Project. The conference is run thanks to the dedication of teachers such as Ms. Snyder, Ms. Gorski, Mr. Armstrong and Ms. De Jong, the help of one hundred and ten volunteers, and an executive team with over 30 members.

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